2023 Honda CR-V: Pricing, specs and release date (2023)

2023 Honda CR-V: Pricing, specs and release date (1)

Richard Aucock, Colaborador
Tue, May 16, 2023

2023 Honda CR-V: Pricing, specs and release date (2)

  • New Honda CR-V is the sixth generation of the world-popular SUV
  • e:HEV hybrid and e:PHEV plug-in hybrid versions are available
  • New Honda CR-V is bigger and more premium than ever
  • On sale in late 2023, with prices expected to start at £40,000

The newHonda CR-Vwas unveiled in Germany ahead of its UK launch in late 2023. The 2023 Honda CR-V is an all-new vehicle and marks the sixth generation of theSUV family– which gets a plug-in hybrid variant for the first time.

The newhondaThe CR-V e:PHEV will be offered alongside a regular hybrid e:HEV model, meaning the range remains fully electrified. Honda intends to capitalize on the popularity of the 2018 CR-V, which turned hybrid only midway through its life.

Bigger and more premium than ever, the new Honda CR-V will take overToyota RAV4eNissan X-Trail, together withVolkswagen Tiguan,Ford Kuga,Kia Sportage,Hyundai Tucson,Skoda Karoq, and potentially even premium alternatives such asBMW X3eAudi Q5.

By making the new Honda CR-V bigger, the company made room in its model range for the new Honda ZR-V crossover SUV, which also arrives in late 2023.

2023 Honda CR-V pricing and release date

2023 Honda CR-V: Pricing, specs and release date (3)

The new Honda CR-V made its debut in Europe after being on sale in the US for over a year. That means we won't have to wait long for it to be released in UK showrooms. It is expected to arrive before the end of 2023.

The new Honda CR-V will cost slightly more than the current model, which is just under £33,000. But the walk should not be too excessive. Expect the new Honda CR-V e:HEV to start at £40,000, with prices for the new Honda CR-V e:PHEV starting at £45,000.

Style, interior and technology of the 2023 Honda CR-V

2023 Honda CR-V: Pricing, specs and release date (4)

The new Honda CR-V now has more squared and angular styling, giving it a beefier SUV-style appearance. They contrast with the relaxed lines of the outgoing car and give the new Honda CR-V more assertiveness and presence.

The front of the new Honda CR-V is more vertical, with a large grille sporting a bold Honda 'H' logo. Both the new Honda CR-V e:HEV and e:PHEV models have their own custom grille design, so they can be quickly differentiated. The slim headlamps have a new LED daytime running signature.

2023 Honda CR-V: Pricing, specs and release date (5)

The vertical taillights at the rear of the new Honda CR-V continue, but they're also sharper and more taut. They also have a distinctive LED signature and smoked red lenses give them a sophisticated look. Honda has toned down the use of chrome trim on the new CR-V, which instantly makes it look more contemporary.

The hood of the new Honda CR-V is wide and uncluttered, and the front corners are easier to see, making it easier to drive around town. The new Honda CR-V also has larger windows for better visibility, while the bottom of the windshield pillars have been moved to the rear, with the mirrors now mounted in the doors, again improving the view out.

2023 Honda CR-V: Pricing, specs and release date (6)

Inside, the new Honda CR-V has been transformed with, again, a much cleaner and more modern layout. The design is inspired by the newHonda Civic, competes with a full-length 'hidden' air vent running through the center of the dash. Beneath that, pleasantly, sits a cluster of physical and tactile climate-control knobs and knobs.

The new Honda CR-V features a self-contained infotainment touchscreen up to 9.0 inches in size with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone mirroring. It's Honda's latest system, much clearer and easier to use than the old CR-V setup. The new Honda CR-V also features a digital driver display.

2023 Honda CR-V: Pricing, specs and release date (7)

Luxury materials include generous use of leather and polished metal trim, while the new Honda CR-V's satin-finish center console features plenty of storage and a wireless smartphone charger. Instead of a bulky physical shifter, there are buttons to engage steering and reverse, as all new Honda CR-Vs are automatic.

The new Honda CR-V has even more interior space for passengers, thanks to a 40mm longer wheelbase. There's 16mm more rear legroom - and that adds to an already roomy setup in the outgoing Honda CR-V. There are also now eight levels of rear seat backrest adjustment, which recline 10.5 degrees, for greater passenger comfort. A flat floor increases practicality and space.

The new Honda CR-V also has a much larger trunk. The new Honda CR-V e:HEV has 587 liters of space, while the e:PHEV version has an even larger trunk of 617 liters. The plug-in trunk is larger than the regular hybrid because its larger battery is mounted under the floor rather than inside the trunk itself.

Overall, the new Honda CR-V measures 4,693 mm in length, 1,864 mm in width and 1,691 mm in height. Offers a choice of 18 or 19 inch alloys.

2023 Honda CR-V Engines, Performance and Fuel Economy

2023 Honda CR-V: Pricing, specs and release date (8)

The new Honda CR-V is offered in e:HEV hybrid and e:PHEV plug-in hybrid versions. Both share the same 2.0-liter non-turbo four-cylinder engine, which runs on the fuel-efficient Atkinson cycle and drives the front wheels. Honda hasn't released horsepower numbers yet, but it will likely produce 184 hp, the same as the new Honda Civic.

The new Honda Civic e:HEV uses the company's smart dual-engine hybrid configuration. The gasoline engine works as a generator, powering one engine, which produces electricity that powers the other engine, which is directly connected to the road wheels. This allows for much greater use of the EV mode, and the driving itself is much smoother. The 'self-charging' battery is around 1.05kWh and, says Honda, offers a surprising amount of pure EV driving around town.

The new Honda CR-V e:PHEV has a much larger 17.7kWh battery. It has an impressive pure electric range of up to 51 miles. CO2 emissions will be correspondingly low, which is likely to put the new Honda CR-V e:PHEV in an attractive 8% benefit-in-kind range for corporate car drivers.

The battery of the new Honda CR-V e:PHEV will be recharged to 100% capacity in 2.5 hours, says Honda, using an 11kW three-phase charger.

2023 Honda CR-V: Pricing, specs and release date (9)

The new Honda CR-V is based on Honda's latest global architecture. A longer wheelbase and wider tracks provide better stability, while the body itself has 15% greater torsional rigidity. There are stiffer subframes for the front MacPherson strut and multilink rear suspension, and variable-ratio steering that is said to be more precise.

The new Honda CR-V also comes with an updated range of Honda Sensing active safety features. It's the first Honda to use the new Honda Sensing 360 setup, an 'omnidirectional' system that is supposed to remove blind spots and offer even greater total driver support.

“The new Honda CR-V builds on everything the iconic model stands for – progressive design, premium cabin, leading levels of safety, practicality and comfort, plus efficient and responsive performance,” said Honda Senior Vice President , Tom Gardner. .

“This latest iteration is the ultimate SUV package, offering a uniquely premium and dynamic product that is perfectly suited to the current demands of the European market.”

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How big is the new Honda CR-V?

The new Honda CR-V is the biggest model in six generations. It measures almost 4.7 meters in length, making it similar in size to the sophisticated BMW X3.

What engine does the new Honda CR-V use?

Both the new Honda CR-V e:HEV and e:PHEV models use the same 2.0-liter four-cylinder direct injection engine. It uses the efficient Atkinson cycle, where the expansion stroke is made longer than the compression stroke, delaying the closing of the intake valves.

How many airbags does the new Honda CR-V have?

The new Honda CR-V has 10 airbags, including “next generation” airbags for driver and front passenger. We can expect an excellent safety score from Euro NCAP.

Ask HJ

What's the best budget gas family SUV?

I would like to buy a cheap used petrol family SUV with 4WD and good mpg but I only have around £4000-5000 to spare. My ideal would be a gas powered Honda CR-V, but it has poor mpg (34mpg). Big question I know, but can you suggest some make (and model) to look into other than a Honda CR-V that would give me more 'bang for my money'

I think you'll have to compromise somewhere unfortunately - petrol 4x4s just aren't very efficient! A Honda CR-V or Toyota RAV4 sound like good options if you can handle the gas bills. Alternatively, can you compromise on all-wheel drive? A two-wheel drive Kia Sportage will be more efficient and quite capable with a set of winter or all-season tires.2023 Honda CR-V: Pricing, specs and release date (10)

answered byAndrew Brady

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