Cheap Islamabad to Dubai Flights from £143 | (ISB - DXB) - KAYAK (2023)

Advantages:"Best food. Best crew.”

Disadvantages:"Extra inches of legroom"



Advantages:"Crew professional. Clean. Safety and health are priorities."

Disadvantages:"Food could have been better."


Disadvantages:"Improvements needed"

Advantages:"Great crew and great food."

Disadvantages:"Plane delayed departure from Doha to Dallas"

Advantages:"No leg room"

Disadvantages:"Good job, keep it up"

Advantages:"The food was ok and the crew was ok"

Disadvantages:“The seats were very tight – Etihad has better seats. The entertainment system had poor sound.”


Advantages:"Variety of entertainment Frequent drink offerings on board"

Disadvantages:"Insufficient amount of catering"

Advantages:"The staff was nice"

Disadvantages:"I requested seafood and was told no request was made and they no longer serve it."


Advantages:"Very nice"

Advantages:“A 350 was a very quiet plane, hardly any engine noise. The service was good.”

Disadvantages:"Seats were a bit hard."

Advantages:"Food, crew, plane, cleanliness and entertainment were good."

Disadvantages:“I didn't like that I was never emailed that the flight was from another, newer airport in Islamabad. Originally my booking was from Benazir International Airport Islamabad but on the day of the flight when I went to this airport it was completely closed for operations and flights. And I asked people on the street, z went to the new airport, but I was late for boarding because my time wasted going to Benazir International Airport first and then diverting to the new airport. Luckily, the flight from Islamabad was delayed to Qatar and I was able to make it to boarding and flew from Islamabad to Doha."

Disadvantages:"There wasn't enough time to catch my connecting flight and I had to stay at the airport an additional 6 hours and spend the night at the hotel and then get to Portland 21 hours later than planned on another airline."

Advantages:"Service, Crew, Food"

Disadvantages:"seats are small"

Advantages:"very courteous flight crew"

Disadvantages:"Baggage took time to come business class baggage came after economy"

Advantages:"Flight was good and easy"

Disadvantages:"Should use 380-Craft"

Advantages:"I had the best flight experience of my life. The comfort, food and most importantly the service were excellent."



Disadvantages:"Poor service, couldn't sit with the rest of our group, average food, overbooked flight, no place to store luggage."

Advantages:“I was assigned a wheelchair from the terminal to the inside plane. The crew could speak my national language. That was something great, to feel at home.”

Disadvantages:"I am satisfied with the services, but there was no free wifi ;-)"

Advantages:“The food was the best airline food out there. Also, the regular economy seats recline more than other airlines.”

Disadvantages:"The boarding process was chaotic. There was an O system for boarding and there was a lot of pushing to queue."

Disadvantages:"Late gatw announcement so we waited quite a long time before electronic board"

Advantages:"Love it. Newer aircraft; cutting edge high tech."

Advantages:"The food on foreign airlines is so much better than on American airlines (they even serve something in economy class on short domestic flights)."

Disadvantages:"Seat pitch on the 70 minute flight was a little tight - for a taller person than me (at 5'10") it would be even worse."

Advantages:“Fast boarding/friendly ground staff and cabin crew! The food was great (although I don't usually eat airplane food) but I enjoyed their meals! Plenty of legroom with the seat compared to other airlines I've flown with! Free WiFi on select aircraft (even if for 15 minutes, better than nothing!)"

Disadvantages:"Could have a little more choice of movies but it wasn't bad"

Advantages:“Overall it was a nice flight, but there are a few areas that need some attention. The gates were very crowded and there was no crowd management in the small area. Second, the food was not up to par at all. If you're serving a sandwich, at least make it palatable or just serve drinks with nuts/cookies/chocolate on this short flight."

Disadvantages:"Read links."

Advantages:“Everything was great except the plane from Doha to Beirut it was too small with no seat screens and bad C music channels and uncomfortable seats!! :( other than that everything was great !! I like Qatar Airlines and don't hesitate to travel with them again Thank you"

Disadvantages:"Food selection could be better."

Advantages:“They only served us food once in a 14-hour flight from Doha to Washington DC. We starved the whole trip. Very bad service and also bad food quality.”

Disadvantages:“They only served us food once in a 14-hour flight from Doha to Washington DC. We starved the whole trip. Very bad service and also bad food quality.”

Advantages:"Flighted out on time. Great pilot and crew - very concerned about our welfare. Fast flight. Nice plane."

Disadvantages:"Steep Decline in Food Quality"

Advantages:“First I brought Qatar Airways to Europe and US HOVER when it comes to third world like Asia and Africa, the fanciest of their dirtiest broken airline! In Thialand, according to the pilot, the pressure wasn't right, we stayed on the runway 4 HOURS offered water at Wrf. No one communicated with US I think your airline is typical arab mentality unless you are white IE American you don't give a shot at your customers this is the second arb line I dropped when I was in Arrived Doha all they did was give a silly voucher for food, missed my flight, no apologies, rude as staff disgusted by their behavior and lack of care missed important meetings. Really good I will take my money away then I will make co's decision never to fly with you.

Disadvantages:"Everything racially disgusted and never will this airline get nasty dirty, collapsed twice, stayed on the plane for 4 hours, no one apologized"

Advantages:"The flight was short but the aircraft was well maintained and the crew was courteous."

Disadvantages:"The boarding process started too early and some passengers were annoying as they jumped over you because they were not directed to the correct aisle."

Disadvantages:"I've found that they don't supply headsets for short flights. That's quite odd as the media content they have is useless unless there's headsets / paid or free, whatever."

Advantages:"Legroom is very decent"

Disadvantages:“very old planes without wifi. Overall the food was terrible. So-called 5-star airline.”

Advantages:"The crew was excellent"

Disadvantages:"The plane was too small and had a lot of turbulence"

Advantages:"Flight comfort was very good."

Disadvantages:"There could have been a slightly larger portion of food."

Advantages:"Always excellent"


Advantages:"I like this."

Disadvantages:"No problem"



Disadvantages:"Rudeness of check-in staff Disorganized, slow and chaotic control process for transfer passengers (only two machines for thousands of passengers) Almost or semi-illiterate ground staff"

Advantages:"Leaving Doha was excellent"

Disadvantages:“It took forever to get out of emigration, we ended up at a different terminal and had to get the train across.

Disadvantages:"Internet fees are way too high compared to Etihad and Emirates. As Qatar is currently the only flight from Miami besides Turkish, I would take these if they start flights from Maimi."

Disadvantages:"No conversation"

Advantages:"I think the level should serve international food, not just Indian spicy. Maybe some don't like it spicy"

Disadvantages:"The food was not enough and it was served after a very long time."


Disadvantages:"Everything was great"

Disadvantages:"Leg rest for economy seat could be better"

Advantages:"Seats were comfortable"

Advantages:"The 777 falls far short of the comfort of the 380."

Advantages:"Air pressure in the cabin is amazing"


Disadvantages:“In most cases I was so disappointed that I was only allowed to have 1 50lb luggage while I was supposed to have 2 50lb luggage, I had to pay 275$ for the extra luggage, very disappointed as I didn't expect that that was going to happen, you made me look embarrassed in front of people because I had to borrow money to pay it."

Advantages:"Flight Crew & Food"

Disadvantages:"Avoid delaying the flight, connecting flight is difficult to catch"


Disadvantages:“The boarding process at Addis Ababa airport was late, slow and very disorganized. On the plane it was very chaotic as passengers didn't wait for people to put luggage in the overhead bin without passing by and not all overhead bins were open Please better control this operation."

Advantages:"The seat was fine and the laptop bag that was considered extra carry-on was not good and I had to consolidate."

Disadvantages:"Qatar Airways allowed us to take both separately and we could take the exit row if available without paying."

Disadvantages:"No, it was good"


Advantages:"You have been very supportive. Thank you."


Disadvantages:“There is nothing to improve. I wish other airlines could learn from this.”

Disadvantages:"Complete overhaul of all your crews and workers in different airports except for the airport workers in America. They were kind and careful. My overall experience was terrible."

Advantages:"Everything was good. Check-in went smoothly"

Advantages:"sit comfortably"

Advantages:"The entire trip was amazing"

Disadvantages:"N / A"

Disadvantages:"Plane was very old"

Advantages:"It was fine"

Disadvantages:"Bottle of water to all passengers."

Disadvantages:“Laptop bags are not allowed at New Delhi Airport. Only hand luggage without a laptop bag is allowed. These are not Emirates policies. New Delhi Airport has its own policy. Very frustrating at the moment as this is not the baggage allowance anywhere else in the world"

Disadvantages:“Crew was a little less cooperative than my usual Emirates experience”

Advantages:"Ontine Departure and Arrival"

Disadvantages:"Behaviour of airport staff in Pakistan"

Advantages:"All About"


Advantages:"The whole team all services"


Advantages:"The legroom and the entertainment. The crew was very nice."

Disadvantages:"The bathroom needs to be kept cleaner."

Advantages:"Comfort and friendly crew and the food was delicious and not to mention the entertainment was excellent."

Disadvantages:"N / A"

Advantages:"Inflight entertainment was good, but that doesn't make up for the lack of equal treatment for all passengers."

Disadvantages:"You are racist!!!!! exclusion and such!!!!! I had to pay my own hotel for my more than 12 hour stay!!! Still other travelers got free hotel vouchers. In fact, I was kept waiting for almost half an hour in the middle of the night even though I had waited for service in front of them."


Disadvantages:"Children cry, scream, kick the chair."


Disadvantages:“Hyderabad Emirates ground staff were very rude and incompetent to carry out the job. The airline staff wasn't that friendly either.”

Advantages:“The staff is very good. Always smile on your face.”

Advantages:"Friendly service"

Disadvantages:"Old plane with old seats."

Advantages:"Service and food"

Disadvantages:“My husband had his backpack and a carry-on bag with him when we checked in at JFK. He wasn't allowed to. From Dubai to Manila, we have seen many passengers carrying two or more carry-ons. The floors at Dubai Airport are dirty.”

Advantages:"The stewardess was friendly enough. When it got chilly in the cabin I was given a different blanket. The complimentary drinks were nice. No fries though. The individual TV screen was a plus."

Disadvantages:"The seat wasn't very comfortable. I couldn't recline it all the way to sleep. I was very dry and didn't realize there was water in the galley to help myself. Not enough legroom for tall people like me without having to buy it."

Advantages:"I liked that I didn't have jet lag"

Disadvantages:"Half of the food was good, the other half was just ok"

Advantages:"The flight went smoothly. The food was good."

Disadvantages:"Long wait when taking off from Dubai."

Advantages:"We like everything, it was a good experience all round"

Disadvantages:"I couldn't select my seat in advance. It was not clear when booking that this is the case with Emirates. I could only choose my seat if online check-in was allowed.”



Disadvantages:"I like this"


Disadvantages:"No hotel accommodation provided by Emirates"

Advantages:"All other services were fine except no hotel room was provided for connection purposes..."

Disadvantages:"Stay Overnight for Connection and Emirate Dine Giving Hotel"




Disadvantages:“we were 3 hours late and missed our next flight to seattle. Emirates did nothing to help us catch our next flight despite standing on the tarmac for 30 minutes while we were denied access to the gate.”

Advantages:“Very clean and comfortable. Staff very attentive.”

Disadvantages:"Many sick passengers on board."

Advantages:“Everything was on time. Very comfortable. Nice service.”

Advantages:“This is my first flight from Nairobi (did 8-10 others) on which the airline used something other than a division between first and economy class. Emirates boarded economy passengers with zones (A-F) which was more orderly.”

The breakfast menu needs improvement along with orange juice

Advantages:"You get off to change flights and go back on the same plane"

Disadvantages:"No English subtitles on TV or movies"

Advantages:“Everything went smoothly. The crew was always smiling and helpful.”

Disadvantages:"2x asked for water, but never brought anything"

Advantages:"Get on time"

Disadvantages:"No healthy eating options"

Advantages:"Good flight and very comfortable. Rate 5 stars"

Disadvantages:"Very satisfied on my trip from London to Muscat"

Advantages:"Efficient Boarding"

Disadvantages:"Headphones provided for entertainment screen"


Disadvantages:"Successively delayed flights, no entertainment, no food or drinks, slow baggage delivery, etc."

Disadvantages:"I slept most of the flight, boarding was fine."

Advantages:"Service with a smile and a more human approach would be good"

Disadvantages:"Same hygiene and quality standards in flight in all sectors"

Disadvantages:"Business class should have full flat beds"

Advantages:"Very good value for money."

Disadvantages:“If you sit far back the choice of main courses may be limited as they may run out. I'm not sure how this can be approached well. But the food was pretty good.”

Advantages:"The entertainment made the kids happy"

Disadvantages:"The food - no more options - I'm not a vegetarian but they had no options at all. The crew - not particularly engaging or attentive. The drinks - poor selection, warm. Our luggage arrived damaged and the airline would not accept liability. "

Advantages:"Cheap fares, direct flights"

Disadvantages:“The flight crew did not clear the cabin on takeoff and landing. Tables left down, seats reclined. Standards not enforced leading to restricted exit in an emergency. Allowed passengers to stand up and retrieve their luggage from overhead bins immediately after landing and while taxiing. Clogged corridors. Poor air conditioning during flight. Extremely cramped seating. Low budget and easygoing attitude. Constantly delayed flights On the plus side, direct, non-stop flights to key destinations at good prices. However, you get what you pay for."

Advantages:"Movies on the entertainment screen."

Disadvantages:"On embarkation, just as we were putting our luggage up, we were about 5 kg more, the Turkish lady there asked us in a bad way to reduce or pay. We reduced the luggage and 2 kg more remained, but she and her Boss didn't want to pay in a rude way or remove more luggage We asked their boss to help us lift a big bag as we were all girls and couldn't lift it but he refused to help like a gentleman would do and said hurry, hurry, put the bag, hurry. For sure, I will never choose the Turkish airline again."

Advantages:"Entertainment in Flight"

Disadvantages:"Dozens of toddlers all screaming and scattered all over the plane, strangely the food was not good at all even though we had pre-booked a vegetarian meal."

Disadvantages:"chairs are small"

Advantages:"the food was ok and plentiful."

Disadvantages:"Window seat bad for me as I stand a lot. Tight legroom Separated from my wife"

Disadvantages:"Bad service, time not respected Very bad air conditioning"

Disadvantages:"Bad service, time not respected Very bad air conditioning"

Disadvantages:"First time in my life that the food on the plane was cold. There was also no in-flight entertainment.”

Advantages:"As above."

Disadvantages:"As above."

Advantages:"spacious business class"


Disadvantages:"Everything OK"

Advantages:"It was a smooth trip"

Disadvantages:"It was a good experience overall. Nothing negative to say."

Disadvantages:"My return journey was also not accepted and forced to book another ticket at Zurich airport which is unfair. Please check with the airlines and refund me my money. I will send you full details in due course. Please call me or contact me with highest priority."

Disadvantages:"The boarding was canceled 5 hours before the visa arrival time and was forcefully denounced as a no-show."

Disadvantages:"The flight has been cancelled. There was a delay of 8 hours overnight until the next flight. During the flight, the young male cabin crew spent more time sitting and chatting with other young male passengers and not attending to their duties. I will not fight on another Oman Air flight if this is how you do business."

Advantages:"Service was the best"

Disadvantages:"Everything was perfect"

Advantages:“Better A/V Meal Options”



Disadvantages:"Bad, the flight was delayed an hour without notice. Waited another 10 minutes due to a problem at the flight bridge. Bad overall."

Advantages:“Okay, legroom, a 787 Dreamliner really is an excellent plane, so it made up for it.

Disadvantages:"The food wasn't great but I can't complain about the meat or veg option."


Disadvantages:“Less legroom than usual/expected. The crew was ok but wasn't overly active and took quite a while to get things going food/drinks.”

Advantages:"Crew was good. Snack was ok."

Disadvantages:"The cramped seats, no width or leg room and I'm not that tall. I think these are the most uncomfortable seats I've ever flown in. They're fine for a short flight, but I wouldn't book a long-haul flight with them."

Advantages:"Everything was great!"


Disadvantages:“Which airline in 2017 requires you to present your credit card when booked with CC at the time of boarding and then takes 20 minutes to verify? Oman Air does this. Also, they called me to let me know my flight time had changed and decided to push the flight back a day so they rebooked me.Then at the airport they said I missed my flight get into theirs register systems."

Disadvantages:"The flight did not take off due to technical problems with the aircraft. I would like a refund, but a very poor response rate."

Advantages:“The plane was very nice and comfortable. The bathroom got dirty quickly.”

Disadvantages:“The food wasn't that great. The plane should have departed earlier if there were delays due to incoming flights over the mountain.”

Advantages:"Prompt; good legroom; decent food on every route"

Disadvantages:"No complaints"

Advantages:"The price was great and the service and aircraft were reasonable for a relatively short flight."

Advantages:"The plane took off an hour late. Confusion among the boarding staff at the gate. Old plane."

Advantages:"- Muscat Airport must have a flight bridge - crew apologizes for serving alcoholic beverages smuggled in wine bottles 15 minutes before descent/landing; Emirates Etihad have no qualms about openly and freely serving alcohol on international flights. - Legroom is tight - Baggage belt not announced - Ambient temperature and other weather details not communicated"

Advantages:"I liked it when we got to our destination."

Disadvantages:“The seats are ridiculously small and quite uncomfortable. It took far too long for us to be served drinks. And when I needed more water, no one was around to bring it. They delivered the food and it took forever for us to pick it up and they were ready. The audio for the In Flight Entertainment was broken on my console. There appeared to be an airflow issue: it was very hot on both flights."


Advantages:"The plane was very comfortable and the crew was friendly."

Advantages:"It was a little better than walking..."

Disadvantages:"Basically everything"

Advantages:“The flight attendants and crew were fantastic! The airline was top notch!”

Disadvantages:"When I finally got through customs, I took my bag and it was all wet. Something that smelled like vinegar was spilled on it. The plastic was also torn off when my friend I was traveling with picked up her luggage. That must be some rough handling because this was a hard plastic case. You need to treat the cargo a little less harshly.

Disadvantages:"Counter-Lady Behaviour"

Disadvantages:“After boarding, 3 passengers had to disembark. This happened for different reasons. But the pilot refused to turn on any ventilation. Cost savings? We had to fan ourselves as the cabin overheated in the hot sun with disregard for passenger comfort. After being tortured for an hour, we finally took off. Sorry Oman Air, there is a lot of room for improvement. I had a wonderful time in Oman and look forward to returning with Emirates."

Advantages:"Great food. Nice flight attendants.”



Advantages:"The economy seat is comfortable."

Advantages:"Boarding time, the crew was smart and the food was good!"

Disadvantages:"Maybe more films in French or just the subtitles."



Disadvantages:"Customer Service Food and Seating Comfort"


Disadvantages:"Not really"

Advantages:"The captain's crew, the chairs were comfortable,"


Advantages:"Good food and service."


Advantages:"Comfortable flight."

Disadvantages:"Gum on the carpet. Security was a bit extreme."

Advantages:"Good behavior"

Disadvantages:“Food quality needs to improve”

Advantages:"Comfortable longplane."

Advantages:“Entertainment available from the moment you are seated and until you get up to leave. You didn't have to wait until you hit 10,000 feet and it didn't stop until landing. The choice of meals on the flight was great. The seats were comfortable. "

Advantages:"A meal was served instead of just peanuts. Great entertainment to watch as soon as you take your seat.”

Disadvantages:“The boarding was a little late and they didn't announce or announce any delay. Passport control at the airport was way too long and baggage claim never showed where to leave my luggage. I finally found it. An exit row didn't seem to give you any more room than with US carriers."

Disadvantages:"Poor Time Management"

Advantages:"The entire crew was wonderful!!"

Disadvantages:"Over 2 hours delay on the first leg of the journey."


Disadvantages:“The logistics of stopping in Shannon to refuel and then letting everyone go through security was ridiculous. When I flew Emirates and there was a stopover to refuel, there was no security check. At Shannon, many people including myself had to take thrown away items due to Shannon's policy. Also, the length of security checkpoints caused our outbound flight to be delayed. Second, I was sitting next to an extremely overweight person who should have been accommodated in Kuwait with more space and thereby give me more personal space. In flight entertainment was also minimal.”

Advantages:"By mistake I booked for the wrong date (it was December instead of September). They changed the booking without charging me)"


Disadvantages:“Three planes boarded from the same gate within 20 minutes of each other. This was very inconvenient as people had to wait until the last minute to board and the flight departed later than scheduled.”

Advantages:"Good service"

Advantages:"Very comfortable seats, great entertainment system, great flight crew."

Advantages:"That they finally have new planes"

Disadvantages:"You are always late!!!!!!!!!!! The crew is rude as hell and the food is disgusting, how can you serve your customers a cold hard sandwich like a rock! Don't just upgrade your flights and have your service downgraded."

Disadvantages:"Flight delay and disorganized passengers boarding at the gate."

Advantages:“The Kuwait Business Lounge was good, especially after the Wingtips Lounge at JFK. The staff there were talking so loudly to each other that I had to ask them to be quiet for the guests, especially when you're stranded in a crowded room at midnight. The crew, food and seat on the flight were good considering the competitive price of the ticket."

Disadvantages:"The flight took off more than 3 1/2 hours late. With a 1 1/2 hour connection I was told when I checked in that the other planes would definitely be waiting for us. Of course that wasn't true. When I landed in Kuwait 24 hours later, the transit desk casually offered me a seat on a flight and expected me to stay the night. No alternative flight arrangements were made as staff had to transfer. As I was traveling business class and for the funeral of my immediate family,' I refused to step away from the counter. A well-meaning but not overly effective lady eventually booked me through Bahrain with Gulf Air to fly to my destination four hours away to land, 19 hours late instead of 28 hours. Then if JFK staff had called ahead, I could have been connected immediately without the hassle of begging and waiting."

Disadvantages:"Departure and arrival both delayed!!! Two hours late"

Advantages:"Seats were good. Plenty of legroom"

Disadvantages:“The boarding was terrible, no queues, no accommodations for people with babies, poor food with little or no choice. Rude and racist cabin crew, especially the Arabic speaking crew.”

Advantages:"Newer plane with nice legroom Worth taking Kuwait Airport Dasman Lounge."


Disadvantages:“The flight was delayed 5 hours to the destination and 3 hours late on the return flight home. Kuwait Airways is unreliable.”


Disadvantages:"Boarding Food Checkin"

Advantages:"I liked the crew and the entertainment"

Disadvantages:"The flight was uncomfortable, I couldn't sleep at all, plus the late departure thing and they always apologize for it."

Advantages:"Flight was good."

Disadvantages:“The crew can be more caring. Couldn't understand the announcement they made in English.”

Advantages:"N / A"

Disadvantages:“According to the ticket we bought, our flight from Delhi to Kuwait was supposed to fly to New York. But Kuwait Airways did not tell us this information that they make another stop on their flight from Kuwait to New York (in Ireland). I would not recommend this airline to anyone. I would never fly this airline again."

Advantages:"Overall experience. food was ok”

Disadvantages:"We asked for a wheelchair. Kuwait didn't have facilities at Kuwait and Shannon airports. My mother had a lot of trouble at Kuwait airport."

Advantages:"low price"

Disadvantages:"Food, Crew"

Advantages:"Good service and plenty of space. The flight was good."

Disadvantages:“It took over 45 minutes to get a boarding pass. The ticketing system and process was terrible.”

Advantages:"Great legroom, big screen"


Disadvantages:"Completely inefficient. Delayed 1 1/2 hours while passengers were being scanned at the gate, although most of the passengers were transit passengers.

Advantages:"Upgrade to Premium Economy seat. Working TV with good movie selection.”


Advantages:"Seating and Meals"

Disadvantages:"Last minute timetable change"

Disadvantages:"Flight delayed 5 hours. No attempt was made to inform customers. Presentation and quality of food was poor for a business class ticket."

Advantages:"The flight arrived 1 1/2 hours before the scheduled time."

Disadvantages:"The stop at Shanon was useless and time consuming."

Disadvantages:"The food was not served properly in business class"


Disadvantages:“They have not advised that we have an additional stopover at Shannon. If they change the itinerary we should be able to get a full refund.”

Disadvantages:“First of all, my kayaking itinerary never indicated that there would be a stopover at Shannon when flying from Kuwait to NYC. The inflight entertainment system did not work during the 22-hour voyage. I was selected for a random baggage check, there was no point in checking my bag in Kuwait and Shannon as the bag never left the airport."

Advantages:"Nothing special"

Disadvantages:“I chose this flight despite the high fare to have a direct flight from Kuwait to JFK, but in the last few days of travel they changed the flight with a stopover in Shannon. And the in-flight service wasn't that good either. Better not choose this airline. Which has an inconsistent schedule and also the flight times and stopover changes are not updated in the ticket I downloaded directly from KU Airways which is a big mistake.

Disadvantages:“Somehow the stewards were even worse. He almost got into a fight with my fellow traveler who was an elderly gentleman. Really shameful.”

Advantages:“The hospitality of the crew was excellent and the Asian vegetarian food served was good. Before landing in Kuwait, passengers were given some pieces of pancakes. At first I was wondering why they give that just before landing. But it was convenient at the Kuwait airport as we waited about 4 hours for the connecting flight to Chennai. That helped satisfy our appetite at the time...nice touch...thank you"

Disadvantages:“I thought the flight was super tight. Everywhere I could see luggage, I saw two people sleeping on the floor of the plane right from boarding... I really don't know how that was allowed considering the safety of the passengers. No Tamil language movie is available in the entertainment part, although this sector flight carries many Tamil speaking celebrities..."

Advantages:"Outstanding hospitality from crew members... Delicious Asian vegetarian food... Comfortable seating....."

Disadvantages:"The journey ended so soon........"

Advantages:"Spacious seating"

Disadvantages:“The TVs didn't work on my return flight. Only two proper meals were served on a 10+ hour flight. They don't serve alcohol. In Kuwait, boarding took 1.5 hours longer due to lack of efficiency. We had a delay of 1.5 hours at take-off because not everyone at the gate could get on the plane in time for take-off. Wouldn't fly again."


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