How to create and manage test cases with Xray and Jira (2023)

How to create and manage test cases with Xray and Jira (1)

Sérgio Freire

Head of the solution architecture and test representation, Xray

Step-by-step instructions for writing, determining, organizing and executing test cases


Eight-minute reading. In a session (two hours)


You are new to Xray -Test Management, you have created a project and would like to learn how to write, specify, organize and execute test cases.


You have installed Xray in your Jira instance.Start with Xray for Jira here.

You have created or added your XRAY project.

You have an active Jira project with the installed and configured GITLAB application.Start here with Jira.

What is a test?

A test is an abstraction of a test idea/a test idea and a way to check/validate the associated requirements.

A traditional manual test includes a sequence of steps that are paired with conditions or variables, test entrances and expected results.

Usually it is expected that every requirement or goal of the test target will reach at least one test.

The success of a test is determined by comparing the expected and actual results.

A test can be:

  • Script (e.g. test case or automated test) or explorative
  • Given with gherkin (scenario)
  • Manual or by automation
  • Link with/cover one or more requirements
  • As with any other Jira problem type, it can be referred to, prioritized, assigned and commented on components

Tests and tests in general do not ensure any quality. They provide information about quality.

The 100 percent cover is a myth.

It is often better to concentrate on judging what the interest groups are concerned about, considering risks and specifying and carrying out tests based on these metrics.

There will always be some mistakes. It is important to understand what is valuable so that testing can concentrate on what threatens these values.

Test process in X -ray

With Xray you can plan, design and execute tests and create test reports.XRAY uses specific Jira problems for this process.

You can use the following problems in every test phase:

  • Plan Phase: Test plan problems
  • draft Phase: The specification is defined using a prerequisite and test problem types. The organization of the tests can be defined with test sets
  • Carry out Phase: Test execution problems
  • Message Phase: Test layout problems, including integrated requirements and custom problems with the help of Jira software tools

At the beginning it is useful to add a small project tests.

Step 1: How to write and specify tests

Test types

There are three standard test types:

Each test type has one of three types of tests:

  • cucumber
  • Unstructured
  • steps

Actions that you can carry out at Xray tests:

  • Create
  • To edit
  • Clone


To create a new test problem, follow the following steps:

Step 1: ClickCreate problemUp on the top of the screen for opening theCreate problemDialog box/page.

How to create and manage test cases with Xray and Jira (2)

step 2: ChooseProject.AnEdition type, chooseCheck.

step 3: Tippe AsummaryFor the test and fill at least all mandatory fields with an asterisk.

How to create and manage test cases with Xray and Jira (3)

Step 4: If you are satisfied with the content of your test, click on theCreateTaste.

Step 2: How to organize tests

Organizing tests is a decisive part of the daily test activities. Since you may start with a large number of tests and grow your tests over time, it is important to organize you in an efficient and effective way that works for you.

Xray offers two different ways to organize your tests:

  1. Use the problems with the test sets
  2. Use the test repository

The test set is an easy way to create different test groups of tests because it is a flat list of tests. You may have as many test sets as you want, and a test can be included in several test sets. The test sets are idealif you want to have full control through certain test groups.

Create test rates

How to create a new test set problem:

Step 1: Press thatCreate problemUp on the top of the screen for opening theCreate problemDialogue/page.

step 2: ChooseProjectand furtherEdition type, chooseTest sentence.

step 3: Tippe AsummaryFor the test set and complete at least all the fields marked by one asterisks.

Step 4: If you are satisfied with the content of your test sentence, click on theCreateTaste.

The test repository is a tree-like organizational structure at the project level. You can organize hierarchical tests in folders and subfolders. This folder concept is common in some tools and is similar to the file organization in the operating system of a computer.

Create a test repository

To create a test repository, create a new folder:

Step 1: Click the overriding folder.

step 2: In the top of the folder section, click the icon.

How to create and manage test cases with Xray and Jira (4)

step 3: Enter the name for the folder in the "Create folder" dialog box.

How to create and manage test cases with Xray and Jira (5)

Step 4: Press "Create" to create the folder.

Step 3: How to plan tests

With the test planning you can decide yourTest strategy, including the problems you want to validate, how you can validate when tests are manually or automated, how resources are assigned and when and who runs the tests.

Depending on several factors, you may want to prioritize some tests or concentrate on certain requirements.

Create a test plan

Here you will find out how to create a new test planner problem:

Step 1: ClickCreateUp on the top of the screen for opening theCreate problemDialog box/page or press the "C"Button on the keyboard.

How to create and manage test cases with Xray and Jira (6)

step 2: ChooseProject.On theEdition type, chooseTest plan.

step 3: Tippe AsummaryFor the test plan and fill out at least all obligatory fields that are marked with an asterisk.

Step 4: If you are satisfied with the content of your test plan, click onCreate.

How to create and manage test cases with Xray and Jira (7)

Step 4: How to carry out tests

The test is carried out between the development of test scripts and the reporting and analysis of test results.

A test version is a problem type that aggregates a custom collection of tests and checks whether tests work as expected in a target context and environment. After the implementation of each test, you inform you about the progress of the test execution, including the passed tests, failed, executed or waiting to carry out.

Create a problem with the test version

Step 1: Click the + left of the screen to open the "Create problem" dialog box.

How to create and manage test cases with Xray and Jira (8)

step 2: ChooseProject.Anoutput Typ, chooseCheck execution.

step 3: Tippe AsummaryFor the test version and fill out at least all mandatory fields that are marked with an asterisk.

Step 4: These are they.Create problemDialog populates the matching fields for custom designs provided by Xray, including theStart/endDate andRevision.

Optional: To create a number of similar tests within itProject, check overCreate anotherAt the bottom of the dialog.

Step 5: If you are satisfied with the content of your test version, click onCreate.

Learn more

Further information on creating and managing test cases in Jira and Xray can be found in theXray Academy.

See moreIntegrations for Atlassian Open Devops.

How to create and manage test cases with Xray and Jira (9)

Sérgio Freire

Sérgio Frei is the head of the solution architecture and the test representation for Xray, a state-of-the-art test management app for Jira. He works closely with many different teams worldwide to help them achieve great, high-quality and verifiable products. He is thatView that the functionality of organizations, processes and quality can be understood, while development and tests can "merge" and act as a unique team, with a common goal: to provide the best product that the stakeholders need.

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What is Xray test management for Jira? ›

Xray for Jira is a Test Management tool that provides the structure to organize, plan, and report with accuracy on the progress of testing as well as the readiness to deploy.

How do I set up test cases management in Jira? ›

How to Use Jira for Test Case Management
  1. Create a “Test Case” Issue — and Keep It Open. But Jira issues are meant to be pushed to done. ...
  2. Tweak a User Story to Be a Test Case. ...
  3. Add a “Testing” Status to Your Jira Workflow. ...
  4. Automate Your Testing Processes. ...
  5. Integrate Your Tools. ...
  6. Use Traceability.
Mar 12, 2018

How do I upload test cases in Jira using XRAY? ›

You can use the Xray's Test Case Importer (a Jira Importer Plugin extension) to import Manual Tests from a CSV source file.
Importing Test Cases
  1. Log in with an administrator account.
  2. Go to System > Import and Export > External System Import.
  3. Select the Xray Test Case Importer.
  4. Follow the Setup Page section instructions.

Can we use Jira for test case management? ›

This is because Jira is not a test case management solution. It's really meant for issue tracking. You can customize Jira in certain ways to use it for some test case management processes, but these are makeshift customizations and they have limitations as a result.

Can I create test cases in Jira? ›

Test Cases can be created as regular Jira issues in Create Issue dialog box. You can also add Test Case by clicking on + in particular folder in the Test Case tree.

Which is the best test management tool for Jira? ›

The Best Test Management Tools For Jira List
  • PractiTest. Best 2-way sync with Jira. ...
  • TestRail. All-in-one tool for tracking both manual and automated test results. ...
  • QAlity Plus. Best ease of use for small teams. ...
  • Kualitee. Best for an easy-to-use dashboard. ...
  • Ranorex. ...
  • Apwide Golive. ...
  • QADeputy. ...
  • Requirements and Test Management (RTM)
Jan 2, 2022

What is XRAY test management tool? ›

Xray is a tool that lets you streamline the process of test management and automation. It helps you organize and manage tests, automate the process of test execution, and generate test reports.

How do I add an xray in Jira? ›

Open Xray for Jira administration, go to Add-ons -> Xray -> License Management. Click on the button "Click here to install a license provided by Xpand IT (not via Marketplace)". Insert the license hash and click Add. If your license has been accepted, you are ready to use Xray.

What is the correct way to create test cases? ›

What Are the Best Practices for Writing Effective Test Cases?
  1. Keep things straightforward and basic.
  2. Create reusable test scenarios.
  3. Keep the test case IDs separate.
  4. Peer review is crucial.
  5. The end-user or established requirements should be considered when writing effective test cases.
May 31, 2022

What are the three types of reports in Jira? ›

Reports for scrum teams.
  • Sprint report. Determine overcommittment and excessive scope creep and understand completed work in each sprint.
  • Burndown chart. Track progress towards sprint goals to manage progress and respond accordingly.
  • Release burndown. ...
  • Velocity chart.

How are test cases written in Jira? ›

Inside Jira go to global Settings > Issues (you'll need admin access for this). Click Add Issue Type and create a new issue type (eg: Test Case). Go to Issue type schemes settings, find your Jira classic project and click Edit. Drag your new Issue type into your project's current scheme.

What are XRAY reports in Jira? ›

Xray for Jira is a complete, full-featured Atlassian verified test management add-on for Jira. Xray supports both manual and automated tests and a complete testing life cycle: test planning, test designing, and test execution to help developers improve the quality of their systems.

Which tool is best to write test cases? ›

10 Best Test Case Management Software In 2023
  • Kualitee. Best ALM Platform For On-the-go Development Teams. ...
  • QA Wolf. Best test case management services for test creation, maintenance, and reporting. ...
  • Applause. Best For Test Case Management-as-a-Service. ...
  • Tricentis Tosca. ...
  • TestLodge. ...
  • QA touch. ...
  • devZing. ...
  • Test Collab.
Apr 20, 2022

How do I enable XRAY plugin in Jira? ›

Log into your Jira, go to 'settings', and then 'manage apps'. Once you are in 'managed apps' page, you can view a full section of settings in Xray.

How do I link a test case to a task in Jira? ›

Link Test Cases to Jira Requirements​
  1. Sign in to Katalon TestOps and go to your Project.
  2. Go to Test Management > Test Cases. Click on a Test Case (e.g., CuraHealth). ...
  3. Enter the Jira issue in Jira Requirements (e.g., KAT-104), then click on the Link icon. The Jira issue is now added to the Linked Issue section.

How do I run all test cases in Jira? ›

To start Test Case Execution:
  1. Navigate to Project > Test Management > Test Executions.
  2. Click on the target Test Execution.
  3. Choose Test Case Execution. Configure Test Case Execution with Requirements and Test Management for Jira app.
Aug 4, 2021

How do you manage test cases? ›

Tip 2: Managing Test Case Details
  1. Provide test case properties, including name and duration.
  2. Display preconditions, the expected result, and test data (if defined).
  3. Deliver concise test case instructions (if defined).
  4. Present test case results, if available.
  5. Show all related requirements and risks.
Oct 29, 2020

What is Jira in QA testing? ›

JIRA is a bug tracking tool that allows software developers to plan, track and work faster. JIRA is the main source of information for future software release. Developers can plan new features to be added and bugs to be fixed in the next release.

Is Jira test management tool free? ›

Summary. QAlity – Test Management for Jira will allow you to introduce test management in Jira for free. You can use all of its features and capabilities free of charge as long as you wish.

What is better than Jira? ›

Jira Software vs Trello

While Jira Software is perfect for software teams in need of advanced agile functionality and structured workflow, Trello is ideal for quickly capturing and sharing ideas, lists, and to-dos.

How do I create a test case in Jira Zephyr? ›

How to Create a Test Case
  1. Select a project and click Tests.
  2. In the Folders panel, click Create Folder, name the folder, then click the check. ...
  3. Click New to create a new test case. ...
  4. On the Details tab, add your desired information. ...
  5. Click the Test Script tab, and fill in the test-case steps.

How do I create a test case folder in rally? ›

Create test cases as a stand-alone: The first way to create the test cases is as stand-alone. Use the following to do so: Click the Quality tab -> Test Cases, from Actions -> Click New Test Case. The following screen will open to enter test case detail with the option to link the test case with a work product. 2.

How do you manually create a test case? ›

Here's how to perform manual testing step by step:
  1. Analyze requirements from the software requirement specification document.
  2. Create a clear test plan.
  3. Write test cases that cover all the requirements defined in the document.
  4. Get test cases reviewed by the QA lead.
  5. Execute test cases and detect any bugs.
Dec 11, 2021

What is the difference between Jira and Zephyr? ›

Zephyr for JIRA is a native application that exists in JIRA and brings quality test management capabilities to any JIRA project. When Zephyr is used with JIRA, the test can be created, viewed in any JIRA project, and executed immediately or as part of a testing cycle that may be linked to other issues.

How do I create a case in Jira? ›

To create an issue anywhere in Jira:
  1. Select Create ( ).
  2. Type a Summary for the issue.
  3. Complete all required fields and any other fields that you want. ...
  4. When you're finished, select Create.

Which is better Jira or Rally? ›

Rally and Jira are both project management solutions meant to work with common agile methodologies. Jira excels in flexibility, while Rally is a highly dedicated tool meant to work within the agile framework.

How do you organize the test cases? ›

The best and simple way to organize your test document is by splitting it into many single useful sections. Divide the entire testing into multiple test scenarios. Then divide each scenario into multiple tests. Finally, divide each case into multiple test steps.

How do you create a test case in agile? ›

These tests cases can be created by automated stubs from acceptance criteria or manually by QA testers during exploratory testing. A test case might be created as an automated script to verify the functionality per the original acceptance criteria.

What are the main 5 required elements of a test case? ›

A test case is a set of actions performed on a system to determine if it satisfies software requirements and functions correctly.
The components of a test case include:
  • Test name. ...
  • Test ID. ...
  • Objective. ...
  • References. ...
  • Prerequisites. ...
  • Test setup. ...
  • Test steps. ...
  • Expected results.

What is the best tool to write test cases? ›

10 Best Test Case Management Software Summary
1Kualitee Best ALM Platform For On-the-go Development Teams
2QA Wolf Best test case management services for test creation, maintenance, and reporting
3Applause Best For Test Case Management-as-a-Service
4Tricentis Tosca Best for automating tests with no scripting
6 more rows
Apr 20, 2022

What are the 7 principles of manual testing? ›

The seven principles of testing
  • Testing shows the presence of defects, not their absence. ...
  • Exhaustive testing is impossible. ...
  • Early testing saves time and money. ...
  • Defects cluster together. ...
  • Beware of the pesticide paradox. ...
  • Testing is context dependent. ...
  • Absence-of-errors is a fallacy.

How do I pass all test cases in Jira? ›

Click the status button to drop down all of your test execution status options. If you select a status from that drop-down, it will set the entire test case to the selected status. Each step will still show Not Executed, but the test execution will show Passed.


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