John Lewis International Delivery: Order from John Lewis and deliver worldwide with parcel forwarding (2023)

John Lewis International Delivery: Order from John Lewis and deliver worldwide with parcel forwarding (1)

John Lewis is an institution. Established over 150 years ago, the company has since grown to 42 stores across the UK and an excellent online shop. As a high end department store you know that what John Lewis stock is excellent quality, the only catch is they only deliver within the UK itself.

As a department store, John Lewis stocks everything you can imagine, from high-end fashion brands like Whistles and Paul Smith to furniture, electronics and other household goods. At John Lewis you know that what you buy will be good because they only stock the best. Famous around the world for their heartwarming Christmas ads, you'll find great deals around Black Friday, the January sales and other times of the year, although most John Lewis regulars don't go there to shop for bargains.



John Lewis no longer ships to addresses outside of the UK. Visit the John Lewis International Delivery page for more information. However, this is where forward2me can help as you can buy from John Lewis and have it delivered to one of our courier warehouses before we ship it to you. We act as the international online delivery service for John Lewis, helping customers all over the world to make purchases from their online store.

For many British expats living abroad, the John Lewis brand is sorely missed. Also, since they no longer ship internationally, it's now even harder to get your hands on their products. This is where forward2me can help. You can shop at John Lewis through our UK shipping address and we ship your orders anywhere in the world.

John Lewis USA delivery

Shop online at John Lewis and ship to the US with forward2me. We ship items to the United States on a regular basis and work closely with a number of couriers to make shipping affordable and easy.

John Lewis Australia delivery

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Discover the best of John Lewis items and ship them to Australia with your own UK courier address. We deliver products to Australia using trusted and reliable couriers.


John Lewis stocks pretty much anything as long as it's of good quality. You'll find the latest technology alongside prestigious fashion labels and designer furniture and homewares. At forward2me we can ship most John Lewis items anywhere in the world.

Clothing by John Lewis

John Lewis stocks designers like Whistles, Barbour, Levi's, Sweaty Betty and many more. Whether you're looking for stylish women's, men's or children's clothing, you'll find something that's just right for you. John Lewis offers everything from underwear and sportswear to bespoke three-piece suits and loungewear.

John Lewis International Delivery: Order from John Lewis and deliver worldwide with parcel forwarding (2)

Electrics by John Lewis

It's safe to say that John Lewis has an unrivaled collection of technology. Whether you're looking for a brilliant LG TV, the latest iPhone, a washing machine or simply a new vacuum cleaner from Shark or Bosch, you'll find it all on the John Lewis website.

John Lewis International Delivery: Order from John Lewis and deliver worldwide with parcel forwarding (3)

Furniture & Lighting by John Lewis

Furnish your home with some of John Lewis' finest furniture. There are comfortable sofas from brands like Loaf or Duresta, luxurious beds and furniture for every room in the house from brands like West Elm, Swoon, Emma, ​​​​Hypnos and more. You will also find a wide range of lighting, from chandeliers to floor lamps.

John Lewis International Delivery: Order from John Lewis and deliver worldwide with parcel forwarding (4)


Housewares by John Lewis

Whenever you shop at Adidas UK you have the option to personalize your orders. Certain pairs of Adidas sneakers and apparel allow you to add initials or some other form of personalization. When ordering personalized items from Adidas UK you will need to allow a little extra time for delivery.

John Lewis International Delivery: Order from John Lewis and deliver worldwide with parcel forwarding (5)

Toys by John Lewis

If you are looking to find affordable but quality toys for your children then you have come to the right place at John Lewis. As a high-end department store, they specialize in stocking the very best products, and the same goes for the toys they offer. Here you will find family favorites like LEGO, Playmobil, Sylvanian Families and Ravensburger games.

John Lewis International Delivery: Order from John Lewis and deliver worldwide with parcel forwarding (6)

Beauty & Gifts by John Lewis

With beauty products from brands like Aesop, Dior and Jo Malone London to name a few, you'll be hard pressed to find a better collection. John Lewis is also known as an excellent place to find gifts, whether you're looking for his or hers beauty products or accessories.

John Lewis International Delivery: Order from John Lewis and deliver worldwide with parcel forwarding (7)

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Find the best deals from John Lewis

As a high-end department store, John Lewis isn't a place that people generally go to for a bargain. That doesn't mean they aren't there if you're willing to be patient. John Lewis often has excellent deals throughout the year, but it can be worth paying extra attention on Black Friday and during the sale periods.



Shopping at John Lewis and having an order shipped to an international address couldn't be easier. At forward2me we have streamlined the process into 5 simple steps:

STEP 1. Sign up for your FREE UK forwarding address:

First you need to sign up for an account. It's a simple process and once you've done that we will notify you of your new UK address.

STEP 2. Place your John Lewis order

Visit the John Lewis website and simply place an order as usual. Just make sure you use the UK address we provide.

STEP3. We receive your package
When your package arrives at our shipping warehouse, you will receive an email notification. At this point we will check the contents of your order to ensure it is legal to ship from our address to yours. It is up to you to check in advance whether an item can legally be shipped to your country.

STEP4. We ship it to you
Choose what to do with your package. We can keep it and put it together with other orders or send it directly. Simply select the courier service you would like to use and we will usually dispatch it the same day.

STEP 5. Your John Lewis order arrives at your home
Delivery time will vary depending on the courier chosen and your country's customs procedures, but will normally be with you within 1-4 days of leaving our warehouse.


We're not just for John Lewis customers looking for international delivery. If you're placing a number of orders from different UK retailers we can help you cut costs.
With consolidation and, you can order from John Lewis and other places and have them delivered to you conveniently in one package.


We offer the opportunity to shop at John Lewis and not pay VAT. If you order through ourtax-free warehousein Guernsey and you're shipping outside the EU, you won't have to pay UK VAT on your orders.

If you are ordering within the EU, you will still have to pay VAT based on your own country's VAT rate after the UK leaves the European Union.

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We have a full oneList of prohibited and restricted itemsto check before placing an order with John Lewis. Generally this includes groceries but there may be a number of other items that John Lewis sells that we are unable to deliver to certain locations. So please check the list and the laws of your own country.


It's not just John Lewis that doesn't ship worldwide. Many of the UK's biggest brands only ship orders within the country. Marks and Spencer, another British institution, is one of them, but also brands like Laura Ashley or supermarkets like Asda and Matalan.

Looking for other great UK retailers? Check out how you can use our parcel forwarding service to order and ship to 190 countries worldwide!

Unlock Amazon Shipping: Order from Amazon UK

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Order from Adidas UK

Get access to the exclusive models and adidas items only available for the UK market! Thanks to our parcel forwarding, you can now shop conveniently.

Order from ASDA George and ship worldwide

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