Where to stay in Amsterdam: main neighborhoods and accommodation options (2023)

Amsterdam, a city known for its picturesque canals, vibrant culture and rich history, is a top travel destination for people all over the world. With so many interesting attractions like the Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank House and the P.C. Hoofstraat, there is something for everyone. But with such a busy city, the big question arises – where exactly should one stay while visiting?

Each neighborhood in Amsterdam offers a unique experience, whether you're a first-time traveler or a seasoned explorer looking for something new. From the historic center of Centrum to the lively streets of the Jordaan or the elegant neighborhoods of Grachtengordel South, there are endless options for all tastes and budgets. Consider staying close to the cultural epicenter in the Museum Quarter or venture to the Eastern Docklands or Amsterdam Noord for upscale stays on a budget.

There's no denying that Amsterdam is a city full of hidden treasures, fascinating stories and exciting things to do. When planning your trip, take the time to explore the different neighborhoods and choose the perfect location to make your Amsterdam adventure truly unforgettable. So get ready to create lasting memories as you immerse yourself in this enchanting city filled with culture, history and beauty.

Where to stay

Neighborhood overview

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, has a variety of charming neighborhoods that cater to different tastes and preferences of travelers. This neighborhood overview will briefly discuss some of the main areas you should consider staying in during your visit to Amsterdam.

Central Canal Ring

OCentral Canal Ringit is the most iconic area in Amsterdam. Characterized by its 17th-century canals and picturesque bridges, it is the perfect place for anyone visiting the city for the first time.

  • Things to do: Enjoy a scenic canal cruise or stroll along the cobbled streets admiring the historic buildings that line the canals.
  • fun fact: The Canal Ring is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its historical and architectural importance.


Located in the heart of Amsterdam, theJordanIt is a charming and romantic neighborhood full of narrow streets, beautiful gardens and countless shops and cafes.

  • Things to do: Visit the Anne Frank House, grab a bite to eat in a cozy Dutch café or explore the area's many art galleries.
  • interesting story: The Jordaan used to be a working-class area in the past, but today it is one of the trendiest and most desirable neighborhoods in Amsterdam.

the pipe

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Known for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse culinary scene,the pipeit's a trendy neighborhood with a mix of students, creatives and young professionals.

  • Things to do: Taste exotic dishes at the Albert Cuyp Market, visit the Heineken Experience or relax in the many cafes and bars.
  • fun fact: De Pijp is famous for its colorful and tiny houses, which are a charm to explore.

Old West

Oud-West is a trendy and lively neighborhood with a mix of locals and tourists. It's a great area to stay if you want to experience an authentic Amsterdam atmosphere.

  • Things to do: Check out the local food scene at De Hallen food market, shop in unique boutiques or enjoy a leisurely stroll through Vondelpark.
  • interesting story: Oud-West was one of the first booming neighborhoods in Amsterdam, giving it a rich history and authentic atmosphere.

eastern docks

An area on the rise, theeastern docksare known for their modern architecture and industrial heritage. The transformed warehouses now serve as contemporary residential buildings and creative spaces.

  • Things to do: Visit the NEMO Science Museum, explore the unique modern architecture or enjoy the waterfront views.
  • fun fact: The Eastern Docklands used to be an important port area, with a shipping history going back centuries.

types of accommodation

Amsterdam offers a variety of accommodation options to suit every traveler's needs and budget. In this section, we'll discuss the different types of accommodation available in the city, including hotels, hostels, apartments and guesthouses.


Amsterdam is home to a wide variety of hotels, from luxury establishments to budget options. Many of these hotels are conveniently located near popular attractions and public transportation, making it easy for visitors to explore the city. Some popular hotels in Amsterdam include:

  • hotel the craftsmen: An upscale hotel located on the Singel Canal, offering rooms with canal views and an elegant atmosphere.
  • singel hotel amsterdam: A more economical option also located on the Singel Canal, with rooms that sleep up to three people.


For budget-conscious travelers, Amsterdam offers a variety of hostels where guests can share dorm-style accommodation or private rooms at a lower cost. Some popular hostels in the city include:

  • Gols do Stayokay Amsterdam City: A centrally located hostel offering dormitory-style accommodation and common areas for socializing.
  • In the morning: A modern, eco-friendly hostel option with shared and private rooms to suit various budgets.


Renting an apartment can be an excellent option for those looking for more space or a longer stay in Amsterdam. Many apartments are fully furnished and equipped with everything needed for a comfortable stay, including a kitchen to prepare meals. You can find apartments for short or long term rentals through various platforms such as Airbnb or Booking.com.

Bed & Breakfast

For a more personal and intimate experience, consider staying in an Amsterdam guest house. These accommodations often have a warm, homely atmosphere, allowing guests to interact with hosts and other guests. There are a number of B&Bs available throughout the city, from charming canal houses to modern establishments.

Fun fact or interesting story

Amsterdam is known for its unique architecture, and some accommodations have repurposed historic buildings such ashotel the craftsmen, which is housed in a restored 17th-century building originally built as a guild for artisans.

Things to do

While in Amsterdam, be sure to visit popular attractions such as the Anne Frank House, the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. Also, don't forget to stroll along the picturesque canal ring, visit the lively markets and explore the diverse neighborhoods like Jordaan and De Pijp.

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budget considerations

When planning a trip to Amsterdam, it's important to think about your budget and the type of accommodation that best suits your needs. Below, we've divided the options into three categories: Affordable, Mid-range and Luxury Stays

affordable options

Amsterdam offers plenty of budget accommodation for travelers who want to save money for experiences rather than accommodation. Some options include:

  • Dorm style hostels:Albergue ClinkNOORD, housed in a former Shell headquarters from the 1920s, offers dorms from four to 10 beds (including female dorms) with facilities such as a cinema, kitchen and live music in the on-site bar.1
  • Budget Hotels: TheAmsterdam Wiechman Hotelis a budget hotel with an excellent location in the Jordaan district, right on the Prinsengracht canal, offering a variety of room types, including some with canal views.2

intermediate options

For travelers looking to spend a little more and still stick to their budget, Amsterdam has plenty of mid-range hotels to choose from:

  • Chic and comfortable hotels:NH Collection Amsterdam Flower Market, a four-star hotel located in the city center, next to the famous Flower Market, offers modern and elegant rooms with an indoor restaurant and bar.3
  • Boutique hotels: Explore Amsterdam's diverse neighborhoods, such as De Pijp and Westpoort, to find unique boutique hotels with affordable rates and Instagram-worthy design elements.4

luxury stays

Amsterdam is also home to stunning luxury hotels for those looking to indulge themselves while on vacation:

  • Five Star Hotels: Treat yourself to luxury hotels in the heart of the city, like those along the beautiful canals of the historic center.
  • Stunning Accommodations: When traveling to Amsterdam, consider staying in a luxurious canal house, a renovated mansion or a modern high-rise hotel with captivating views of the city.

A friendly piece of advice: no matter your budget, do your proper research and book early to get the best options and prices.

Fun fact or interesting story

Amsterdam's canals are an iconic part of the city's landscape, with over 100 kilometers of waterways winding through the city. In fact, Amsterdam's canal ring has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2010!

Things to do

Regardless of your budget, Amsterdam offers a plethora of activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy:

  • Explore famous museums such as the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum or the Anne Frank House.
  • Rent a bike and take a leisurely ride through the Vondelpark or along the picturesque canals.
  • Discover vibrant street art and local shops in trendy neighborhoods like De Pijp and Jordaan.

Options for the whole family

Amsterdam is a great city for families, with lots of activities and attractions for children. When it comes to accommodation, there are plenty of family-friendly options in the city to suit different budgets and preferences.

One option is theV Hotels. These contemporary and stylish hotels offer studios, connecting rooms and family-friendly food. The Fizeaustraat property, located near Frankendael park, is an excellent choice for families with children looking for outdoor spaces to explore.

Another family hotel in Amsterdam is theHilton DoubleTree Central. This 4-star hotel is conveniently located next to Amsterdam Central Station and close to Nemo, one of the city's most popular children's attractions. The hotel offers connecting rooms, making it ideal for families.

For budget-conscious travelers,Ecoma Hotelit's a boutique-style budget hotel that's also family-friendly. Its unique charm and relaxed atmosphere will make families feel right at home.

Amsterdam has many activities for the whole family, such as:

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  • Visiting the famous NEMO Science Museum
  • Cycling through charming neighborhoods
  • Exploring Vondelpark or Amsterdamse Bos, which often have playgrounds and family activities
  • Taking a canal cruise for kids

Fun fact: did you know that Amsterdam has around 165 canals with a total length of over 100 kilometers (62 miles)? These iconic canals were initially created for practical purposes such as transportation and water management, but have now become a symbol of the city's charisma and charm.

When planning a family trip to Amsterdam, consider the family accommodation options mentioned above and make the most of your exciting adventures in this enchanting city.

Best Places for Nightlife

Amsterdam is known for its vibrant nightlife, offering a variety of options for party lovers. In this section, we'll discuss some of the best areas to stay in Amsterdam for those wanting to experience the city's buzzing nightlife.

One of the main points of nightlife in Amsterdam isLeidseplein. This bustling square is home to numerous pubs, clubs and bars that stay open until the early hours of the morning. Some popular places in this area include Melkweg, an Irish pub called Dan Murphy's and Paradiso. Leidseplein is an excellent place to stay for those who want to be in the center of all the action.

Another fantastic spot for nightlife isRembrandt Square. Similar to Leidseplein, Rembrandtplein has a lively atmosphere with numerous bars, clubs and restaurants. It offers an excellent selection of canal houses for those who want a unique and authentic Amsterdam experience.

For individuals interested in a more modern and trendy location,the pipeit's a fantastic option. This area is known for its abundance of culture, food and vibrant nightlife. As a less touristy neighborhood, De Pijp presents a more authentic Dutch experience and has easy access to the center of Amsterdam.

Finally,Jordanit is a popular spot for artists and musicians, known for its picturesque streets and charming atmosphere. Once a working-class neighborhood, the Jordaan has now transformed into a trendy hangout with a selection of bars, cafes and live music venues, offering a unique experience of Amsterdam's nightlife.

Here is a brief summary of each area we mentioned:

  • Leidseplein: a busy square with pubs, clubs and bars
  • Rembrandt Square: lively atmosphere and canal houses
  • the pipe: modern neighborhood with culture and gastronomy
  • Jordan: charming area popular with artists and musicians

fun fact

De Pijp, which literally means “The Pipe”, got its name from its long, narrow streets that resemble the shape of a pipe. This unique layout adds to the neighborhood's charm, making it a memorable place to visit.

Things to do

While enjoying Amsterdam's nightlife, you can also explore various other activities in each neighborhood. In addition to partying, be sure to enjoy local food and drink, admire street art, visit historic sites or take a leisurely stroll along the beautiful canals.

Cultural and historical attractions

Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands, is a city rich in history, culture and art. It offers numerous attractions and activities for visitors to immerse themselves in. The city has a well-preserved center with 17th-century architecture, picturesque canals and a wealth of museums.

One of Amsterdam's most popular cultural attractions is theHouse of Anne Frank, where Anne Frank wrote her famous diary during World War II. This moving museum tells the story of Anne Frank, her family and her hidden life.

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Art enthusiasts are sure to enjoy a visit to the Van Gogh Museum, which displays an extensive collection of works by the artist. Another must-see is the Rijksmuseum, a renowned museum displaying an impressive selection of Dutch art and history, including masterpieces by Rembrandt, Vermeer and Hals.

Fun fact: Amsterdam's canals, built in the 17th century, were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2010. These beautiful canals not only offer picturesque views, but also provide a fascinating glimpse into the city's history.

When it comes to historic architecture, be sure to visit the Royal Palace of Amsterdam, located on Dam Square. This former town hall turned royal residence offers guided tours that reveal the unique blend of classicism and Dutch history.

For a local experience, explore thenine streetsneighborhood, known for its independent boutiques and gourmet restaurants in the heart of Amsterdam's canal district.

Some popular activities in Amsterdam include:

  • Taking a walking tour of Amsterdam's top attractions
  • Visiting the Red Light District and learning about its history
  • Relaxing at The Stone Head, aurban beach popular with locals
  • Rent a bike and ride around town
  • See a show at the Amsterdam Theater

Immerse yourself in Amsterdam's vibrant culture and history by visiting these diverse cultural and historical attractions and creating unforgettable memories during your stay in this enchanting city.

Tips for choosing a place to stay in Amsterdam

When planning your trip to Amsterdam, there are a number of factors to consider when selecting the ideal accommodation. Here are some tips to help you make the best choice:

  • neighborhoods: Amsterdam has an array of diverse neighborhoods, each offering its own character and charm. For first-time visitors, theOld Centerand Canal Belt areas are centrally located and close to major tourist attractions. Other popular neighborhoods include Jordaan, Oud-West, Museum Quarter, De Pijp and Plantage.
  • Budget: Accommodation options in Amsterdam range from budget hostels to luxury hotels. Determine your budget and prioritize which features are most important, such as location, room size or amenities. Bear in mind that prices may vary depending on the season.
  • Accessibility: If you plan to use public transport, make sure the accommodation you choose is situated close to a tram or metro station. Amsterdam is known for its bicycle culture, and many hotels offer bicycle rental services for a more authentic experience.
  • facilities: Consider your preferred amenities before booking a place to stay. Wi-Fi, breakfast, and luggage storage are common inclusions. If you have special needs, such as pet-friendly accommodation or wheelchair accessibility, please research your options in advance.

Fun fact: did you know that Amsterdam has more canals than Venice? The city has 165 canals and over 1,500 bridges, making it known as the “Venice of the North”.

While in Amsterdam, don't miss these exciting activities:

  1. Exploring the historic Canal Ring, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  2. Visiting the world famous Anne Frank House
  3. Experiencing vibrant works of art at the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum
  4. Dine in various neighborhoods like De Pijp
  5. Venturing beyond the city center with a bike ride through picturesque Vondelpark

Happy travels and enjoy your stay in this charming city!

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What part of Amsterdam is best to stay in? ›

The best area to stay in Amsterdam in 2023
  • The Old Centre: the best area to stay in Amsterdam on a budget.
  • Grachtengordel South: the rising Amsterdam area.
  • The Jordaan: well away from tourists.
  • The Eastern Docklands and Amsterdam Noord.
  • The Old Jewish Quarter and Plantage.
  • The Museum Quarter: best area for culture.

What is the most walkable neighborhood in Amsterdam? ›

Centrum: For tourists and short-term visitors, Centrum is the most popular area to stay in Amsterdam: it's the oldest part of the city, it's close to everything you'll want to see, and it's very walkable. It's also very touristy.

What is the main area of Amsterdam called? ›

Amsterdam-Centrum is the inner-most borough and historical city centre of Amsterdam, Netherlands, containing the majority of the city's landmarks.

Where is the main Centre of Amsterdam? ›

The neighborhoods of De Wallen (Red Light District), Nieuwmarkt, Grachtengordel (Canal Belt) and Jordaan are the historical centre of Amsterdam.

Should I stay in the Red Light District Amsterdam? ›

Every other type of drug is still illegal in the Netherlands, and it's definitely against the law to be procuring any form of narcotics from dealers on the street. Amsterdam's Red Light District is mostly safe for travelers who come to see it by day.

How many days is enough for Amsterdam? ›

As a general rule, most travelers can plan on spending between 2-4 days in Amsterdam, depending on whether or not they take any day trips, and how long they plan to spend in the Netherlands overall.

What area not to stay in in Amsterdam? ›

The only famously (supposedly) dangerous area in Amsterdam is Zuidoost, an area rather separated with some distance from the city. No chance you will wander around here by accident! Zuidoost, also called Bijlmer, was built in the 1960s as a new haven for young families.

What is the most central area to stay in Amsterdam? ›

The best area to stay in Amsterdam, especially if you're a first-time visitor, is Centrum. Surrounded by the city's “canal belt,” Amsterdam Centrum, is home to most of the city's attractions including Dam Square, the Royal Palace, Anne Frank's House Museum, The Oude Church and the Red Light District.

What is the safest neighborhood in Amsterdam? ›

Safety in Amsterdam

Amsterdam's safest neighborhoods tend to be the more upmarket ones, such as the Western and Southern Canal Belts, Oud-Zuid (Museum Quarter), and De Plantage, though the vast majority are safe to walk around at any time of day.

What is the best time of year to go to Amsterdam? ›

June to August is best for great weather and festivals

With warm weather, lots of daylight and amazing outdoor events, summer is one of the best times to visit Amsterdam.

How do you get around in Amsterdam? ›

Amsterdam boasts an impressive public transport network including metros, buses, trams, ferries and trains to help you get around the capital. Save money on travel with the I amsterdam City Card, which offers unlimited use of the GVB public transport system for 24, 48 or 72 hours.

What is Amsterdam Downtown called? ›

The best known and busiest part of Amsterdam is Amsterdam Center (or Centre, if you're British) — known locally as Centrum, or Binnenstad (literally: Inner city). Many, though certainly not all, of the city's most popular tourist attractions are located within the Center.

How far is the city center from the airport in Amsterdam? ›

The airport is well connected to the Amsterdam public transport network. Since Schiphol Airport is located only 18 km from Amsterdam city center, it is easy to plan your trip to and from the airport.

How to get from the airport to the city center of Amsterdam? ›

A direct railway line connects Schiphol International Airport with Amsterdam Central Station, and is the fastest and most convenient form of transport to the city centre. The ride takes 15 minutes and the trains depart day and night every day. From 6am to 1am train departs every 15 minutes.

What are the three main squares in Amsterdam? ›

  • Dam Square. This is probably the best known square in Amsterdam. ...
  • Rembrandtplein. Rembrandtplein is the place to go for cafés and clubs that welcome you until deep into the night. ...
  • Leidseplein. This square is located in the heart of Amsterdam's nightlife. ...
  • Museumplein. ...
  • Waterlooplein. ...
  • Nieuwmarkt.

What street is best for Red Light District Amsterdam? ›

If you are wondering where the Red Light District can be found, just head to the streets the 'Oudezijds Voorburgwal' and the 'Oudezijds Achterburgwal' in the evening, when everything comes alive, and explore the surrounding areas.

What is the best way to see Amsterdam? ›

The best way to see a lot in a short time is by taking a canal cruise. There are countless options for boat tours and canal cruises – from sightseeing cruises to dinner cruises and so much more. This is a great way to get to know more about Amsterdam and see the city from another angle.

Is it safe to drink tap water in Amsterdam? ›

The Netherlands has some of the best tap water in the world.

In Amsterdam, drinking water is filtered from water in the dunes near the beach. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Netherlands has some of the safest tap water in the world, with an average of 0.1 parts per million of arsenic in the water.

Can you walk around Amsterdam? ›

Comfy footwear and a good sense of direction will get you far and wide in Amsterdam. It's one of the easiest European cities to get around. The Dutch capital's center is easily walkable since it's so compact – perhaps a little too so as it tends to get very crowded.

Is Uber safe in Amsterdam? ›

Are Ubers reliable in Amsterdam. Ubers are reliable and a safe option for transportation in Amsterdam. Uber was released in the Netherlands in 2012 and now covers more than five cities.

Do they speak English in Amsterdam? ›

Language spoken in Amsterdam: English

Although it is not an official language, in Amsterdam - and in the Netherlands more generally - there are many Dutch people who speak English (90% of the population) at a level practically equal to that of a native speaker.

How far is the red light district from Amsterdam Central? ›

Red Light District is situated right in the centre of Amsterdam. It's a five to ten-minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station, while walking in the direction of Dam Square, take a left halfway. Most of the district is situated between the Zeedijk and the Warmoesstraat.

How far is Best Western Amsterdam from Amsterdam city centre? ›

The journey time between Best Western Amsterdam and Amsterdam Centraal Station is around 27 min and covers a distance of around 9 km.

How far is Amsterdam Central from city centre? ›

The train journey time between Amsterdam Centraal Station and Amsterdam City Center - Sloterdijk is around 5 min and covers a distance of around 4 km.

Is Amsterdam safe for American tourists? ›

The Netherlands has a relatively low crime rate, ranking in the 35th percentile of all countries for safety. Overall, Amsterdam is a safe city to visit, but anyone traveling in an unfamiliar area should remember some precautions. Several crimes are not uncommon in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam.

What is the most posh neighborhood in Amsterdam? ›

Amsterdam Zuid/Museum Quarter

Expect to find the most expensive houses, bars, restaurants, hotels, and shopping in town here. Amsterdam Zuid is also home to the Museum Quarter, where most of Amsterdam's major museums, including the world-renowned Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum have stood for centuries.

What is the rainiest month in Amsterdam? ›

The best time to visit Amsterdam is during the summer months when you can make the most temperatures around 20 - 22 °C and 7 daily hours of sunshine. Earlier summer is likely to see drier weather with August actually the wettest month of the year.

What time of day is best for Red Light District Amsterdam? ›

When to visit red light district Amsterdam. You can visit at anytime and you may find yourself walking through the district during the day on your way to other parts of Amsterdam anyway. But if you are going for the experience, then it really is a night time attraction.

What is the quietest month in Amsterdam? ›

If you're looking to avoid the crowds, we recommend visiting Amsterdam during the shoulder season (late September-October) or in the winter (December-February). These times of year tend to be less busy than the summer months.

Can you walk from Amsterdam airport to city? ›

It only takes a couple of minutes to walk from Arrivals to Schiphol Plaza, where you can take the stairs, escalator or lift down to the platforms.

How to get from Amsterdam airport to hotel? ›

The quickest method of public transportation is the train. Train tickets cost 5.40€ and it takes around 20 minutes to reach the downtown area. An alternative cheap option is the bus. Tickets for the bus cost 5€ and the journey takes 35 minutes.

Can you visit Amsterdam without speaking Dutch? ›

This is absolutely no problem. You can stay here for as long as your tourist visa lasts without having to learn Dutch. And if you speak English, you will find that many Netherlanders speak English as a second language. But if you want to live in the Netherlands, you must learn Dutch.

What is the main tourist street in Amsterdam? ›

Damrak is the street connecting the Amsterdam Centraal Station to Dam Square. It was originally a straight stretch (rak) of the river Amstel which had been dammed (at what is now the dam square) leading to the name. The river has since been filled in and converted into the street.

What is the blue light district? ›

The blue light district in Amsterdam is an area within the Red Light District with several transgender sex workers. Some transgender prostitutes use blue lights in their window brothels to indicate that they are different as the female sex workers. It concerns two or three streets in the Red Light District (De Wallen).

What square is the center of nightlife in Amsterdam? ›

Rembrandtplein. The Rembrandtplein and the adjoining Thorbeckeplein are the most popular nightlife areas of Amsterdam. The rectangular square is surrounded by trendy clubs Studio 80 and Escape, many lovely cafés, coffee shops, good restaurants, and sunny terraces.

Do you tip taxi drivers in Amsterdam? ›

Do you tip in Amsterdam taxis? The answer to this question is that people do not generally tip their drivers although if you do receive great service, rounding up the bill will be received well.

How much is taxi from Amsterdam center to airport? ›

At Schiphol Airport, taxis are available at the airport's exit. Depending on the traffic, a taxi can take you to the city centre in half an hour. One-way rides between the airport and downtown range from €35 to €55. Trips to or from the airport are metered.

How much is the train from Amsterdam airport to city center? ›

Buy your online train ticket and avoid complicated processes at the Airport. The average journey time from the Airport to Amsterdam and vice versa is around 13-18 minutes. The price is €9,50 for one-way ride and €17,25 for a return ticket.

What is the easiest way to get around Amsterdam? ›

Trams are one of the quickest and easiest ways to get around Amsterdam. Trams are the transport of choice for most tourists as they will take you to most attractions and Amsterdam points of interest. Most tram lines operate from Amsterdam Central Station.

Do Amsterdam taxis take credit cards? ›

Located outside the airport in the Schiphol Plaza, taxis are in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All taxi services from Amsterdam Airport accept cash payment. Not all services accept credit card payments. Find out more about these taxi services and how to book them.

Do you tip in Amsterdam? ›

That's because, in the Netherlands, there is no social or written requirement to tip a restaurant worker. However, if you received good service or thoroughly enjoyed the food, it's customary to give a small tip — around 5-10% of the bill. If your service was just average, round up the bill or leave some change.

What is the most famous square in Amsterdam? ›

Possibly the most famous square in the whole of Amsterdam, Dam Square welcome thousands of tourists from all over the world every single day and is often a bustling hive of activity. The square was built in the 13th century when a dam was created around the River Amstel to prevent the city from flooding.

What is the Red Light District in Amsterdam known for? ›

De Wallen, Amsterdam's red-light district, is internationally known and one of the main tourist attractions of the city. It offers legal prostitution and a number of coffee shops that sell marijuana.

What is the red point in Amsterdam? ›

De Wallen (Dutch pronunciation: [də ˈʋɑlə(n)]) is the largest and best known red-light district in Amsterdam.

What area of Amsterdam is the red light? ›

Red Light District is situated right in the centre of Amsterdam. It's a five to ten-minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station, while walking in the direction of Dam Square, take a left halfway. Most of the district is situated between the Zeedijk and the Warmoesstraat.

Is Amsterdam a walkable city? ›

It's one of the easiest European cities to get around. The Dutch capital's center is easily walkable since it's so compact – perhaps a little too so as it tends to get very crowded. Luckily, public transport connecting central Amsterdam to more spacious outer districts is extensive, dependable and well-priced.

Is 2 full days in Amsterdam enough? ›

2 days in Amsterdam is enough time to see the major highlights and central neighborhoods. But if you want to really dive into the museums, explore more of the parks, etc., you'll want an extra day or two.

Can you walk through the Red Light District in Amsterdam? ›

The city of Amsterdam has officially made any tour that goes past the windows of the Red Light District as part of a tour illegal. If you're walking and someone offers you a tour of the Red Light District, this is illegal and should be avoided. Going forward, evening tours of the Red Light District will be illegal.

Can you walk in the Red Light District in Amsterdam? ›

Amsterdam's Red Light District is famous for the line of windows and doors surrounded by red lights - red lights that signify legal prostitution. You can walk down the street and see barely-dressed women sitting behind the windows and waiting for customers. Of course, it's so much more than that.

What does the blue light district mean in Amsterdam? ›

What Is The Blue Light District? The blue light district in Amsterdam is an area within the Red Light District with several transgender sex workers. Some transgender prostitutes use blue lights in their window brothels to indicate that they are different as the female sex workers.

Should I tip waiters in Amsterdam? ›

'. This one is pretty simple to answer – the Dutch do not have a tipping culture as strongly-ingrained as much of the English-speaking world. In a bar, restaurant, or private boat tour in Amsterdam, provided the service was good, a tip of around 10% is appreciated but not automatically expected.

Where to avoid staying in Amsterdam? ›

Other Areas

If you're visiting Amsterdam for a few days, I'd suggest avoiding places that might seem nearby, but in reality, they are neither pretty nor convenient. That said, do NOT stay in Diemen, Amstelveen, Bijlmar, or Zuid-Oost. Unless you want to bike the city center for at least 25 minutes.

Is Amsterdam friendly to American tourists? ›

What is this? Yes, Amsterdam is generally safe and easy to navigate for travelers. While it's unlikely that anything wrong will happen during your visit, it's still important to be vigilant. Tourists are rarely the targets of violent crimes, but pickpockets and other scammers can take advantage of anyone.

How much money do you need to spend a week in Amsterdam? ›

FAQs about Amsterdam Trip Cost

The average daily budget for a trip to Amsterdam can vary depending on your travel style and preferences. However, a rough estimate for a budget traveler would be around €60-80 per day, while mid-range travelers can expect to spend around €100-150 per day.

How much money do I need for 1 week in Amsterdam? ›

The average price of a 7-day trip to Amsterdam is $2,118 for a solo traveler, $3,804 for a couple, and $7,131 for a family of 4. Amsterdam hotels range from $109 to $347 per night with an average of $153, while most vacation rentals will cost $280 to $590 per night for the entire home.

How much is a taxi from airport to city center in Amsterdam? ›

A taxi from Amsterdam airport to city centre will charge you a flat fee of 39€. Online reservations can cost up to 55€. However, extra charges may apply, usually from luggage, late-night driving, and traveling on public holidays.

What is the best and cheapest way to travel around Amsterdam? ›

The cheapest way to travel around Amsterdam is walking but if you need to get somewhere fast, the use of an OV chip card is the answer. Being used on trams, buses and metros, the OV chip card (OV-chipkaart) is the easiest way to pay for all your travel about town.


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(Shubhdeep Gogia)
(Tycho from Amsterdam)
6. Most Unique Amsterdam Neighbourhoods To Stay In!
(Pilot - Social Trip Planner)


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